Don't Sell Yourself Short

So you go to the mall and buy a pair a $200 sneakers.


Sure, you love your Jumpman’s, Yeezy’s, etc – but let’s be real.

The two biggest influences to make someone want to lace up these type of sneakers fall into these categories: 


A. Breaking necks in public.
B. Girls love fresh kicks.


The dilemma: If your M.O. is option B and you’re lackin’ in height, not even the freshest pair of sneakers can save you.


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Even if you’re above the average male height of 5’9”, a pair of retro Jordan 1’s has such a thin midsole, it’s still selling you short. 


From scientific data by some of the top scholars in the world, it’s a fact how important a role height plays. For instance, a study from Duke University showed for every inch below 5 feet 10 inches tall, a man has to earn $30,000 more to be seen as equally appealing to women in the dating market. According to an online dating survey conducted by Yahoo, 70% of women say that wouldn’t hook up with a guy shorter than her.


Not only does height dramatically impact a man’s dating life, it can have a dramatic effect on one’s financial earning and job success. A study at the University of Florida found that for every inch of height, a professional can expect to earn an extra $789 per year.


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And if you’re thinking this is only the case for the extremely height impaired, think again. The Australian National University reported, “the average man of about 5’10" gains an additional 2 inches in height, he would be able to earn an extra $950 per year”.


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You don’t need Marco Rubio’s high heeled boots or have the special effects of a Tom Cruise film in order amplify your height. Nor do you want to attend a nightclub during the summertime, wearing a pair of Timberland boots with a chunky midsole – so what do you do?



The answer is SOL3



Stand tall with a height increase of up 2.36 inches.



Unlock you and your sneakers full potential.



 Discover the SOL3 Difference.




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