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Introducing SOL3.

Designed to maximize height.



Stay a step ahead.



SOL3™ 3-Level Insole - Premium Height Increasing Insoles / Inserts for Sneakers - Experience a Boost of Over 2 Inches - Smarten Your Sole. © 2016 SOL3. | SOLE THREE - SOLE3      
"An extra inch correlates with an estimated $800 in increased annual earnings."  



SOL3 | Don't Sell Yourself Short


"For every inch below 5'10", a man has to earn $30,000 more per year to be seen as equally appealing to women on the dating market."
- Duke University Study



 Don't Sell Yourself Short.


SOL3® | Height Increasing Insoles - 3 Levels. 2 Inches. 1 Second.


Smarten Your SOL3.