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SOL3® | Insoles For Height — Add 1 to 2+ Inches To Sneakers, Shoes & Boots 

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Benefits of added height for men.

SOL3® | Insoles — Add Height To Shoes, Sneakers & Boots - Men's Premium Shoe Lifts / Inserts

SOL3® | Height-Increasing Insoles: Gain Height — Get Taller


"An extra inch correlates with an estimated $800 in increased annual earnings."
The Atlantic


SOL3® | Height Insoles — Add 1 to 2+ Inches To Sneakers, Shoes & Boots


"For every inch below 5'10", a man has to earn $30,000 more per year to be seen as equally appealing to women on the dating market." 
Duke University Study


SOL3® | Height Increasing Insoles — Men's Premium Shoe Lifts / Inserts


Scientific data collected from the world's top scholars unanimously establishes how significant height is to the life & success of men.


SOL3® 3-Level Insole | Increase Your Height — Get Taller


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SOL3® | Insoles For Height — 3 Levels. 2 Inches. 1 Second